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Pak All President List And Details

Recent Pakistan President:

Today we are share Pak All president list and full detail of pakistan. A president is a head of state and control the state relation internal and external issues. Pakistan recent president is Syed Mamnoon Hussain he is a elected president of islamic republic of pakistan. He is join president designation 9 september 2013, he is also served governor of sindh in 1999.

presedent of pakistan

Pak All President List:

we are provide pak all president list 1956 to today. Islamic republic of pakistan first president is Sikandar Mirza, And recent president of pakistan is syed mamnoon hussain he is a 12th President of pakistan. stay in touch with pak all info for more information and details about the pakistan on this page.

sikandar mirza

List And Details:

list of pakistan presedent


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