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Lottery Sambad Today Result 7th November 2016 8:00 PM

Lottery Sambad Today Result 7th November 2016 8:00 PM:

Today we are share Lottery Sambad today result November 07-8-2016 night 8:00 pm. Lottery sambad is famous lottery of Mizoram state. It is mostly played in south Bangal in Indian lottery, Lottery sambad ticket price is very cheap Rs.2/, Rs.5/, Rs.10/, Rs.20, Rupes. Because of its cheap price daily million of people are want to play this lottery and try to our destiny for win the lottery jackpot of prize. 1st prize of lottery is 51 Lakhs/ and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th prize different Price. Lottery sambad is three time draw in a day 11:55 am lottery sambad, 4:00 pm lottery dambad, 8:00 pm lottery sambad. Pakallinfo.com is best place for those people who want to see daily lotteries result. We are updating lottery result as well as possible when lottery result announced Government of Lottery sambad. We are update Today lottery result very soon when lottery result is aired officially. We are updating all Indian state lotteries result, old lotteries results and wining tips of lotteries with wining formulas of lotteries on this site. Stay tuned with PAKALLINFO.COM for more update about all lotteries results.

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lottery sambad today result

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